Experience your first sweat-free summer! With Electro Antiperspirant, you will be dry in just a week and anywhere on your body.

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Our priority is to help you with excessive sweating as if we were helping ourselves or our loved ones. We are not just a technology company producing medical products. We really want to help, so we’re not satisfied just with selling you a machine.

We’ve tested all the Electro Antiperspirants from our product line on ourselves. We have experience with all kinds of sweating and we’ve helped more than 130,000 people with problems caused by excessive sweating up to the present. Everything starts with receiving the machine you choose, including detailed instructions in your language. The instructions for use are half the battle. We recommend reading it at least 2x before the first therapy.

Something happened? We are here for You. CONTACT US

1. You place an order with free express delivery.

2. A courier delivers the shipment in 1-2 business days.

3. You will read the instructions for use carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

4. You start with the first therapy according to the instructions for use. On average, 49 hours after the order.

5. You stop sweating after 4-12 therapies according to the instructions for use, depending on body area treated.

6. As soon as you stop sweating, stop the therapy.

7. After a few weeks, the sweating returns. As soon as it happens, do 3-4 therapies in a row.

8. Sweating disappears again for a long time. Repeat the previous point once it returns.

Something happened? We are here for You. CONTACT US

Start the Treatment

If anything is unclear after reading the instructions for use, you can contact us for free by EMAIL or TELEPHONE. We will always advise you on how to get started and how to proceed. The most important thing at the beginning of treatment is communication in case of any ambiguities. We have advised tens of thousands of people. We will advise you as well.

Wait for the Results

Depending on the body part, you will always stop sweating after 4-12 therapies. Sweating subsides quickly in the vast majority of cases. You do the therapy and are still sweating, but then you wake up one day and you’re not sweating anymore. Yes, we know you don’t sweat in your sleep, just like us. Once your sweating stops, stop doing the therapies. From that time on, you are in the maintenance phase and you only have to do 2-3 therapies once your sweating begins to return slowly.

We are here for you and we'd rather die than not help you. We know what it’s like to live with excessive sweating,
so we will not stop until you are dry.

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Need Further Advice with the Treatment? Contact us!

In the event that the sweating doesn’t subside after 12 treatments, you don’t need to worry. This is rare, but we know from experience how to adjust your treatment plan so we can fix everything. First, it is necessary to contact us as quickly as possible from the time of the last therapy. We’ll send you some questions that you will be able to know the answers to thanks to the already completed therapy. Then, based on your answers, we will compile an INDIVIDUAL PLAN, tailor-made just for you, which will remove your sweating. We have already managed to help people with atopic eczema on their hands, which were also sweaty using these plans, as well as help people with very sensitive skin and all others.