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Where the best American technology meets European knowledge

The company HIGHTECH DEVELOPMENT has been engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of technological products since 2010. During this time its products have helped more than 150.000 clients worldwide.

Our products development center is located in the USA (Miami, Florida) and our main manufacturing center is located in the European Union (Prague, Czechia). With experience gained on both continents and working with tens of thousands of our customers, we are better than anyone else able to understand, design and implement solutions that truly help solve your problems.

Its product line called Electro Antiperspirant® is used for the treatment of excessive sweating. These are absolutely unique products that use technology which is the first and only one in the world that has managed to help each patient during clinical testing. The effectiveness, which no other solutions reach, is achieved by working with the best doctors and through close cooperation with patients whose demands are directly included in the newly developed solutions. None of the Electro Antiperspirants will ever disappoint you. If so, we will refund your money!



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